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Talking to Mother Earth - Corona, the Crown

Talking to Mother Earth - Corona, the Crown

Thank you for your time, you spend to watch and share it. LoVe and Blessings to you

I am a being. What you call soul and what you call alive - all of that is me too.

You see me, but most of the people have forgotten how to feel me. What you believe, what my treasures are for you, is far from everything I would like to give you. In a sense, I'm similar to what you know from a mother. I feed you, I take care of you, I am happy if you say please and thank you to me, I am happy if you connect with me from the heart and at least try to remember who I really am.

I have given you many signs. I am on a kind of journey myself and you have been with me for a long time. I am happy to give you everything that is in my power and if you could feel me, then people would not suffer anywhere. Look at other species - they live where they can survive. This would also be possible for you humans if you could feel me.

On the one hand, I am sad that I am unable to satisfy your wishes. These desires are not of an existential nature. There are so many feelings of deficiency in your systems that they seem to manifest themselves in me. It is like an imprint that you leave me with your "want more". It is a law that this deficiency expands and manifests where most did not expect. You cannot imagine that I, too, who consider you a planet, need rest. But I am a being, I am an energy field that manifests itself from many different types of energy. I breathe, I feel, I feed, I speak, I sing, I live. I was created for you to give you a space to serve you to grow. I was created from a source that you have many names for, but in principle you are that source yourself. You have manifested me through other levels, you could say.

Your intentions were like beautiful dreams and you manifested me accordingly. It was a time that was beyond greed and power when I was born. You no longer know what caused your feeling of lack, but I know it. We have all received a body to give our best possible to serve. Serve insofar as the source can continue to feed and create from it.

I carry you and I carry your needs, but it is time to tell you more precisely that I need a rest.

I also have a kind of self-preservation instinct. This is necessary to be able to serve you further. Since your eyes are not enough to see how it is with me, it is time to tell you by feeling. Some of you have been feeling it for some time or in part.

Now I give you back parts of what might come if I can't rest a little. I am adding to you parts of what you have done to me for a long time. You can defeat great things quickly, but not the smallest. Diseases arise where the balance gets out of joint.

If one organism falls ill, all others are affected. There is a great risk that entire systems will become ill with organisms or die. Fear moves in where you have to give yourself powerless. The needs change towards rest. But isn't it better to feel this now and maybe to know that I feel that way? Isn't it better to take a break now and get an idea of ​​it when you can no longer use any of my nutrients and have to use it?

I also need air to breathe.

I have a heart, I have lungs, I have organs and I have consciousness. I am a soulful being that you have manifested.

I love, feed and carry you, but every mother needs a rest, because otherwise she can no longer take good care of all her children and that would not be useful on the bridge of growing together. I breathe. You do it too and enjoy. Enjoy other thoughts, remember the essentials and trust me.

We are more connected than you can all remember.

channeld by Marisa - 12.03.2020

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