What Clients are saying

For about 12 years I have been plagued by recurring kidney stones with very violent and very painful colic. The problem was that my stones always grew very large and could not be removed naturally. Since the first work with Marisa, which took place over a zoom, my complaints have disappeared. The largest of my stones has shrunk. My doctor is speechless and cannot explain it. I am so grateful and cannot put it into words. I also no longer feel the arthritis in my hands, which I have suffered from for over 15 years. The pain is gone. I feel great humility for what I was allowed to receive. Thank you dear Marisa


Britta Orlando, Ostfildern, Germany.

Dear Marisa,

so far my life looked like waking up in the morning with a sad mood. Weekends were even worse. Friends and acquaintances and colleagues looked forward to them, but I was afraid of them and fell into depression. Everything was rather unbearable for me. Even within the family and friendships, especially since everyone trampled on me, why I am still not married at my age of 36 years.  I would have loved to be in love, but in all those years it just didn't happen that I found someone who really suited me. And now - 3 months later, shortly before the end of our intensive cooperation, I finally meet the man of my heart. I still can't believe it. Without you I would never have made it - I just know that. Thank you for always being there for me during this time - even when I got bitchy and wanted to give up - you were there and sorted me out again.

Your tips during everyday life, when my thoughts went back to fear or sadness or what always irritated me a little, that you contacted me exactly when it was a right time, although you couldn't know that. To me you are a magician - I don't know what else to call you. I am so happy that I found you. I almost gave up hope after the three or four coaches I had before and in whom I had already invested a lot of money because of this men's issue.  I felt so much in your hands and I trusted you - even though it was not always easy for me in very difficult phases. But it was so worth it and you were so right Marisa. When I wanted to give up after almost 3 months and said that I couldn't do it anymore, I continued.  Just like you said - I let go of everything and then what I always wanted happened. I met him. A beautiful heart man, loving, full of respect.

He has a good character and he wraps me in absorbent cotton. He treats me like a queen.

I hardly believe it myself, but it is just true and I am almost shocked that my dream has come true Through you and your forces and work.

You have changed my life so much. A dream is just coming true for me and....even from wedding we have already talked after such a short time. Isn't that great? Without you I would never have done it. Thank you, thank you, thank you Marisa.  I would love to tell the whole world that you are a person who is really needed in life.

Theresa T. from Nuremberg

Before your workshop I had a reading done by someone.... I had a reading done. They said that working with the ancestors was very important for me.... And I should retrieve soul parts of me...... What did you do to us ... Exactly that...
Then why did your workshop flash me like that.....? Something definitely happened... The tightness in my chest disappeared.... Lightness and freedom became palpable.... But wow... I still had tension in my right shoulder the next day and the 2 days after. But right after the workshop I felt like I was walking more upright.... I feel like I got my dignity back. And I have you to thank for that. Thank you so much.

Sonja S. from Freiburg

Hello Marisa,

After your workshop, a lot has changed for me.
My company has not been running very well for 3 years now and I was already thinking about closing the shop.

We moved with the company on 1.08.19 and since we have been at the new location, a lot has changed for the better, but after the workshop, things have finally started to move with a very large order that will save my entire existence.

We have so much work now that sometimes we don't know where the back and front is, but that doesn't matter at all after a long dry spell. Many, many thousands of thanks Marisa

Silke from Villingen-Schwenningen

I have been cancer-free for about a year. I happened to see Marisa through a relative of mine. I didn't know her before. I even sought her help for a completely different area. At first.

She worked with me for about 3 hours at a time - for me those 3 hours felt like 10 hours and afterwards I was very tired. She went into direct communication with the growth, as she called it. I was able to accept the tumour instead of feeding it with my fear.
I don't know exactly what happened next.
The tumour was simply gone at my next check-up, the blood values were fine. I changed my life after this session in that I separated from my partner, changed alternative practitioners and changed my diet completely. I assume that I would not have had the strength to make all these changes without this session.

Jaqueline C. from Herrenberg

I went to see Marisa because I was at a very difficult and, for me, unchangeable impasse in my life. My financial resources were more than at the limit due to a separation. Every move and every effort was too much for me.

I would never have thought possible how much just 2 sessions can set in motion. The separation war just stopped by itself 3 days after the first session. My whole situation is completely different now, 1 year later. Miraculously, I was even able to buy a beautiful house - very much below the actual sale value it was at. The financial means to do so came to me as if by magic. Today, for the first time, I feel as if I have "arrived home" after a very long and exhausting journey.

Bettina S. from Bavaria

I would love to describe all the details here, which were so great for me. Wow... Marisa has such an incredible talent for reassurance. By voice message, but also with the words she writes. Her way. She managed quite quickly to get me to hold a certain basic calm.

Marisa just hits the spot, she is so indescribably wonderful in everything she does! She even knew the first name of a deceased friend and already after my request for an appointment she knew that it was about my father.

There was not a single point during the whole conversation that I could not relate to.

It is unbelievable. And even more incredible how well she was able to help me with my questions and problems after all these years in that first appointment.

Dear Marisa, at this point I would like to emphasise again how happy and grateful I am to have found contact with you.

Thank you for you, thank you for your help.

Nadine E. St. Goarshausen

I constantly had a feeling as if the whole world was turning against me. I constantly felt attacked by life. Since I started working with Marisa, I have a different perception of this. I was allowed to see all the hatred that unconsciously lived inside me and a lot could be cleared. Today I have the feeling that life means well with me. Through Marisa's very sensitive, but also sometimes clear words, I now lead a life in which I can feel joy and have fun. It's like celebrating a second birthday.

Simona Z. from Lucerne

Dear Marisa, thank you very much for your work with me. I have had great problems understanding with my mother. Normal conversations with each other were very difficult. Over the years, there were just too many hurts between the two of us. Since the genetic ancestor work with my mother, I am at peace with her. I have my place and she has hers. Normal conversation is possible again.

Thank you. Ulrike N. Moos on Lake Constance

I just retired after successful years at work and fell into a hole. Everything was questioned in my mind. I had the feeling that I was now on earth for nothing. When my husband died, I had real depressive days that scared me.

Marisa guided me through this time with her wonderful work.  I always had the feeling that I was in good hands with her and that I could find my strength again. This was also successful.

Today I have found meaning again and new tasks. I now enjoy passing on my knowledge about plants - which I always thought was just a small pastime. I am in contact with people - young and old. Yes, and I have also met a nice older gentleman. We do a lot of crazy things. I really have fun and joy in life.

Heidrun B. from Tübingen

I would like to get in touch with you and tell you how I am doing. The evening after the treatment I had an incredibly clear head and when I came home I went for a walk through the forest. I noticed that I could breathe in the air much more deeply. With a little distance, I can now say that I feel better since your treatment.

I still feel tired, but the weepiness is completely gone. I am very happy and grateful for that. A very positive event happened for my daughter on Friday. She received a message from a company in Karlsruhe where she had applied for a dual study programme a few weeks ago and was initially rejected. We really couldn't have dreamed of this.  Best regards and thank you again for your work with me, Regine".

Regine E. from Rottweil

After the last session, the skin symptoms actually went down and my general condition has also improved. The heaviness and tiredness are no longer as strong as before the session. I would like to make another appointment. You can write to me when you have another appointment free after your return. I wish you a good time until then.

Willi M. from Offenburg